Because nothing is
more beautiful
than giving.

Mission/Who We are

The Dr. Pavlou Foundation was founded by Dr. Christopher Pavlou, MD in December, 2018. Dr. Pavlou owns and operates Skin Technique Medical Aesthetics in Vancouver, Canada, where cosmetic treatments are offered to patients for naturally beautiful results. The Dr. Pavlou Foundation is an initiative to help support both local and international charities that support those affected by facial injuries and burns, those affected by cancer, causes that promote inclusiveness, and causes that protect the rights of women and children. The mission of the foundation is to help contribute to a legacy of happiness by working together with existing charities and supporting  their various causes in a meaningful way.


A message from Dr. Christopher Pavlou

“I was voted Best Local Influencer by The Georgia Straight in the Fall of 2018. My initial surprise was followed, quite frankly, by a tinge of embarrassment. I was sharing this accolade with David Suzuki, yes, THE David Suzuki – brilliant environmental activist and one of The Greatest Canadians of all time, and Erin Ireland – influential food reporter and plant-based cooking pioneer. While I in no way would ever consider myself in the same influential league as either of them, it did get me thinking about what it really meant for me to be an “influencer”. Until now it has been my pleasure to use my platform as an aesthetic physician to show what I do in an informative, entertaining and honest way. But now I see this as an opportunity to do more. What I’ve realized during this year of running a new business in a competitive industry and trying to be the best at what I do, is that nothing actually feels as good as making another person happy. And that is how I choose to use this influence – to do as much as I can, using the opportunities I have been blessed with, to enrich the lives of people in need and inspire those around me to do the same. That way we all become influencers, we all become a part of something that generates a legacy of happiness. And so, I introduce to you The Dr. Pavlou Foundation. A new initiative that will hopefully bring us all together with the sole intention of doing good. It has always been a dream of mine. But dreams mean work. And I am up for the task.” – Dr. Christopher Pavlou

Causes We Support

BC SPCA Animal Rescue

“Ralphie and I decided to make a donation to the BCSPCA to support their efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating pets affected by the recent floods.

Even though I have always loved animals, having Ralphie in my life has heightened my sense of protection for these vulnerable beings that love us unconditionally. The abuse and mistreatment of animals is unfathomable to me. Please consider supporting animal shelters and rescues in your area.

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.”

— Dr. Christopher Pavlou

CLICK HERE to learn more about the BC SPCA.

Covenant House

In honour of Father’s Day, The Dr. Pavlou Foundation donated breakfast for a month to Vancouver’s Covenant House and their Male Crisis Centre. The centre supports some of our city’s most vulnerable — male youth aged 16 to 24 who have fled physical, emotional and sexual abuse; those who have been forced from their homes; and those who have aged out of foster care.

Covenant House relies on donors, and these young men who may one day become fathers rely on the Male Crisis Centre for support.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Vancouver’s Covenant House, or how you can get involved.

Covenant House

Although the Dr. Pavlou Foundation typically supports causes affecting Women, Children and inclusiveness, we have noticed a huge need for support for the male demographic in our city, especially since COVID.

As a result, The Dr. Pavlou Foundation has decided to partner up with Mountain Equipment and Covenant House to support their Male Crisis Centre by donating 80 backpacks containing medical grade SPF 50 moisturizing sunscreens. With skin cancer rates increasing, we wanted to make sure these young men protect their skin during the summer.

The male crisis centre helps young people aged 16 to 24 who have fled physical, emotional and sexual abuse; those who have been forced from their homes; and those who have aged out of foster care.

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

Since our annual Christmas party had to be cancelled December 2020 due to Covid, Dr. Pavlou decided to head over to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and donate 400 meals instead!

The centre is one of the few safe spaces within the Downtown Eastside exclusively for vulnerable women and their children.

Make A Wish Foundation – Wish Granter Donation

Making wishes come true! The Dr. Pavlou Foundation has been a proud supporter of the Children’s Wish Foundation and we were not going to let this year be any different!

Rather than a big gala event like previous years, this year the delivery of a Christmas tree, symbolized a wish coming true.

Meet Evan.

Evan was four when he was diagnosed with a rare blood infection triggered by the streptococcus (strep, as it’s commonly known) bacteria, and septicemia.

“Watching your child on life support in an ICU room broke me,” recalled Evan’s mom. The effects of long-term care requirements did more than test Evan’s
mom’s spirit, it also broke down the stability of their home life. “I got on an airplane with my sick son in Kelowna in March, 2018.” They never went back. After 311 days of living in Vancouver at Ronald McDonald House, Evan’s mother had to give up her part-time job in Kelowna, as well as their housing. They now live in the Lower mainland. Recovery has been hard, his mom said, as Evan has been left with heart issues, scarring, chronic pain, and he is immuno-compromised. Amidst all that hardship, the hope of a granted wish is shining through. Evan has wished to have a family games room. “He’s been so excited,” said his mom. “He non-stop talks about his wish… there are lots of happy dances!”.

That’s the power of a wish. Evan’s Christmas tree was delivered right to his home, adorned in ornaments that reflect his favourite things.

Black Lives Matter

The Dr. Pavlou Foundation is a proud donor to Black Lives Matter Canada.
Our eyes, our ears and our hearts are open.

Pink Shirt Day

The Dr. Pavlou Foundation is proud to support the CKNW Kid’s Fund Pink Shirt Day luncheon for the 3rd year in a row. This cause is near and dear to our hearts — promoting inclusiveness is a core value of why Dr. Pavlou started the foundation.

Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation

The Dr. Pavlou Foundation is a PROUD SUPPORTER of the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation whose initiatives align to promote inclusiveness and contribute to a legacy of happiness.

In July 2019, The Dr. Pavlou Foundation donated $5,000 towards the Dr. Peter Centre Pride Kick-Off event.

SAF International

On April 14, 2019 The Dr. Pavlou Foundation gave a $5,000 grant to SAF International, a non-profit organization located in Surrey, BC that has been working to provide education to vulnerable children in India.

This organization equips underprivileged children with the resources to grow, to be literate, knowledgeable, and attain life skills to implement in their future careers.

The grant will go towards providing 10 schools (1200 students) with the chance to experience smart technology.

Children’s Make A Wish Foundation

The Dr. Pavlou Foundation was honoured to become a Wish Granter sponsor at the Night Of Wonder event on March 7, 2019, with the opportunity to create a little magic for one wish child through the amazing work of the BC Children’s Wish Foundation.

We look forward to telling you more about it and to a long-term partnership with this wonderful organization. Because nothing is more beautiful than giving.

Anti-Bullying Initiative

On February 22nd, 2019 we were proud to support the CKNW Kid’s Fund by donating $5,000 to the Pink Shirt initiative to stop bullying and to promote anti-bullying campaigns throughout our province

Lambano Sanctuary in South Africa

On December 29th, 2018 we were overjoyed to announce our second donation of $10,000 from the Dr. Pavlou Foundation to the Lambano sanctuary for children in South Africa. The sanctuary is the only one of its kind in South Africa that takes care of abandoned babies and children with HIV related illnesses. The facility is near and dear to Dr. Pavlou’s heart, providing care and paediatric medical step down for children with these limiting and life-threatening illnesses. This segment of the population is extremely vulnerable, which Dr. Pavlou witnessed first-hand while in medical school.

For more information on the Lambano sanctuary visit

Fire Fighters Burn Fund

On December 7th, 2018 we were honoured to make our very first donation from the Dr. Pavlou Foundation to The BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund in the amount of $10,000. The funds will be used towards the Burn Fund’s Survivor’s Support Services which provides hospital support, survivor support & recovery programs in BC. The programs and services for burn survivors and their families help survivors physically and emotionally recover and live a full life following this most traumatic event that changed their life forever.


Are you an organization or do you work for an organization who could benefit from support from the Dr. Pavlou Foundation? Do you have a cause that could use our support? Fill out our online application and tell us more.